Agriculture requires massive labour and mechanical jobs for proper management. Failure of irrigation facilities or lax in labour management can incur huge losses on crops. Network of water sprinklers dispense water on timely basis but they are not intelligent enough to control water according to crop requirement, hence crops are damaged. Therefore, water conservation and smart irrigation are the need of the day in farming.

Hence our smart sensor based water sprinklers make agro automation the smartest, with checking water density inside the soil/ground, water is dispensed, so during rains water is not wasted and energy consumption is made priority.

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For Agriculture Automation, watering of farms using automated sensor based sprinklers is one of the best energy saving and efficient solutions. It identifies the moisture level of the soil & sprinkles only if required.


Generally automated sprinklers dispense water at pre-programmed time-interval resulting in high consumption of water then required. Aayati's smart sensor based sprinklers water dispensing is made depending on the water density inside the ground, which helps in energy saving.


Simultaneously water pumps can be managed and automated as per the requirement in the agriculture industry. This works with respect to the amount of water necessary for farming.