Home Automation Products

Aayati's Home Automation Products make you life more comfortable. Imagine you can manage your lights, Air conditioners, Television, Set top box and all other electrical/electronic equipments in one touch. With Aayati Home Automation Products you can manage different scenarios in each room, including lobby, living room, bedroom etc. Aayati co-ordinates virtually with all connected devices in your home to create a personalize experience.

Your Partner in Technology From Dream to Reality

Lighting Solutions

Lighting Automation solutions creates an ambience where illumination is managed and controlled by smart Aayati App. Mood lighting feature with mixing of colour lights as per your mood and taste adds to the convenience of using our Lighting Automation. Aayati's Dimmer Control creates wow factor ambiance.

  • Chandelier Control
  • Dimmer Control
  • Mood lighting


Home Automation Products for Temperature Control

As per external ambience & temperature conditions you can control the temperature inside your house. With our smart Aayati App Air Conditioning is handled smoothly with responsive rendering of the respective command. Hence it is convenient to operate from any place.

Curtains Automation

Aayati's Home AUtomation Products in curtain control solution is directed at making living comfortable inside homes. Automated curtain control or window opening solution implies operating of blinds & curtains through smart phone.

Entertainment Solutions

Using Aayati Home Automation Products smart phone app we can handle entertainment section such as TV, Set Top Box, Home Theatre with a single touch, even Audio/Video streaming across different devices with smooth control is possible.

Home Automation Products for Security

The central control for building automation offers complete management & safety to the people living or working in these buildings. This is the reason that trend of installing such technical building monitoring systems has increased with speedier pace.

Water Tank Level Management

It is a sensor based system, the overhead tank & pump are constantly monitored by precise level sensors. Our system is based on the well proven capillary pressure sensing technique.

Door Lock Control

Open the door/ Close the door with just a tap on your mobile phone. From wherever you are – office, car or movie theatre.. No more hassles of giving keys to your maid or worrying about your children loosing it.

Geyser Control

Let your Geyser follow your command! No need to wake up early to start your geyser/ boiler to get hot water during winters or wait in sweaty condition while your geyser/boiler warms water for you. Schedule or Start it from wherever you with just one touch on your mobile app.