Motion Sensor

Aayati Automation is one of the largest Motion Sensor Companies in Mumbai Pune Thane Vashi Nasik Lonavala Alibaug Khandala Lavasa Aurangabad Surat Ahmedabad Baroda Vapi Valsad.

Why choose Aayati?

USP of AAYATI ALC(Automatic Light control) units.

Aayati motion sensor units can work on dual switches and timing controls. The units are MADE IN INDIA.The Motion Sensor will make it easier for you to save energy, Keep your lights working for long time & Family Happy – since no small fights for not switching off those washroom & passage lights! In short its win win – all the way!

How ALC works?

Motion detectors are small electronic eyes that detect infrared waves—heat waves that radiate from moving objects. When the detector senses an object moving across its field of view—especially warmer objects such as people, animals and cars—it electronically turns on the lights.

Why you should Light Your Home with Indoor Motion Sensors?

Some people may think that lights only serve the purpose of illuminating rooms and helping us see better. Many don’t know that there is a new technology today called motion sensor lights which serve the benefit of properly safeguarding your home. Smart lights, as they are also referred to, give you the access to wirelessly control all the lamps and light fixtures in your home. So the next time you leave your home for a vacation or extended period of time, you don’t need to worry about wasting energy or increasing electrical costs, due to the complete control you would have keeping the lights on or off. The following benefits of indoor motion sensor lights will provide you and your family an added level of home safety, as well as keep your electrical bills from skyrocketing.

  • Even if power goes out in your home, the smart light has stored memory of ON/OFF status.
  • The smart light plug-ins require little installation and integration into your home.
  • Additional uses of the smart light can include the switching of portable fans, kitchen appliances, and fluorescent lamps.
  • Detects change in heat and movement, so will be activated if an intruder breaks into your home.
  • Indoor motion sensor lights are a cost-effective way of securing your home, with most models ranging from 3500-6500 INR.
  • Wireless communication occurs between all smart light devices in your home.
  • Some smart light devices are Z-Wave compatible, which incorporates not only lighting technology, but other home automation technologies throughout your home such as thermostats, and home entertainment.
  • Indoor motion sensor lights have eco-friendly benefits. Having your lights turn off when no one is using the room helps to not waste excess energy and improve the environment.


Can it be a kind of Investment?

This is a one-time investment of which the returns will not reflect in your account every month but you will be indirectly saving a lot of energy and money from your electrical bills.

So Returns on this investment will effectively be a result in your bill amount reduction then the previous years.