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Home automation industry will be the most booming industry with the Advent of Smart Phones. Everyone is opting for smart homes in order to upgrade their life style and have security. The estimated market by 2022 would be approximately around 78.27 Billion USD (INR approx.5laccrores).

The most interesting part about Aayati Automation is that, it is a one point solution provider for Equipment, Integration and Application. The products of Aayati Automation are Retro fixable hence it doesn't involve much civil work, making it ideal for under construction as well as existing houses. The products of Aayati Automation are safe and tested, which works on Wi-Fi connection. We provide Standard and Customized Solution which practically requires no wiring, easy to upgrade which makes the product very user friendly. At Aayati Automation we provide Smart Homes at Smart Price.

To the partners of Aayati Automation, we provide extensive training for installation, commission and servicing of our equipment which ensures efficiency in the business.

We strongly believe in growth, success, prosperity of our partners.


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